We've worked really hard on the streets of Camden, feeding and clothing rough sleepers. We now have an opportunity to shelter people overnight. We have a space in a leisure centre in High Holborn with beds, a shower, and toilets, where people can get clean and prepare for the next day. Whilst in our care, we will be referring rough sleepers to relevant services to help them on their way to independence and employment. To make this wonderful opportunity work, we need wonderful volunteers. Volunteers will be led by our management team in serving food to rough sleepers, chatting with them, and making sure they have a safe night's sleep. On nights that the shelter is open, it will run from 10pm to 7am. This shelter will open in accordance with SWEP (Severe Weather Emergency Protocol) and we will be able to give volunteers 48 hours notice that we will be open. Volunteers can help for one night or on multiple nights, for only a few hours or for the duration we are open. 


If you register your interest here, we will contact you to ask if you can dedicate your time on a given day. We will give you as many days notice as we can. 


We have also added a number of items to our Amazon Wishlist in order to prepare for the opening of the shelter. If you are able to donate, we would be ever so grateful for your help!




This is an opportunity to make change to people's lives, you won't regret it! Sign up now.

Get in touch! Specify the hours you can dedicate to us or just let us know that you'd like to help!