Rebecca Wilson | Founder

Rebecca is a recent Comparative Literature and English graduate. She currently works part-time in the Social Care sector supporting adults with complex learning and physical disabilities, which she believes complements her work as a part of Four Walls perfectly. For two years, Rebecca served as the Outreach Co-ordinator for The Labour Campaign to End Homelessness, during which she organised volunteers to hand out provisions to rough sleepers. In addition, she established a weekly hot food stall on The Strand, London. Rebecca’s experience inspired the creation of Four Walls: an innovative and ambitious venture, which has worked to relieve rough sleepers in central London.

Tressa Belesi | Trustee

Tressa recently completed her MA in Public History at Royal Holloway, where she met the Four Walls Team during her time as an undergraduate. She incorporated her work with Four Walls into her MA dissertation, creating an online historical resource on the History of Homelessness in London. Tressa has returned to her home in New York City, where she is an educator for the Tenement Museum. She aspires to establish an American branch of Four Walls in 2019 and hopes to regularly host outreach services for New York City’s homeless population.  

Elodie Blanchfield | Trustee

Elodie recently graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London with a MA in Cultural Geography. Her MA dissertation considered the relationship between gentrification and the queer community of London. While working as the LGBT+ representative for Royal Holloway’s Feminism Society, she was inspired by Rebecca’s amazing work with the homeless community and began to help with outreach services and fundraisers for the Labour Campaign to End Homelessness. Elodie is passionate about community engagement and has worked to develop Four Walls’ relationship with St. Joseph’s Primary School.

Deanna Ridley-Hammond | Trustee

Deanna is a History graduate, currently teaching English in the Spanish region of Andalucia. Deanna strongly believes that the disregard of vulnerable people sleeping rough on city streets is an epidemic, which deserves the attention of the Government and requires immediate action. Deanna's vision for Four Walls in 2019 is to focus on preparing the foundations for a permanent shelter, in addition to developing a more consistent support network for those rough sleepers we already serve.