Four Walls brings home to those who sleep rough.

 We aim to offer both short and long term solutions to rough sleeping 


In 2011, The Rough Sleeping Statistics Autumn, 2018 England were published, representing the first annual rough sleeping statistics of their kind. The new guidance asks local authorities to produce either a formal count or an estimate of the number of rough sleepers in their domain. We believe estimates should be produced in consultation with agencies working with rough sleepers in the area; however, a small number of local authorities have produced estimates without any external consultation.


This is one of the many ways we’re failing those who are forced to sleep rough. If local government have no real obligation to accurately record recognise them, there is no real obligation to protect and care for them.


Even with this level of unreliability in mind, the increasing numbers of rough sleepers in the UK are a harrowing read. According to the most recent statistics published in January 2018, on one particular night last Autumn, there were 4,134 rough sleepers counted and estimated. London continues to be the region with the highest number of rough sleepers (37% of all rough sleepers in England) with local authorities reporting that a total of 1,137 people sleep rough on any given night.


Rough sleeping costs money and has a real impact on public services. A research paper written by the University of York states that ‘people who experience homelessness for three months or longer cost on average £4,298 per person to NHS services, £2,099 per person for mental health services and £11,991 per person in contact with the criminal justice system.’ (Better than Cure?, 2016)

Why should we leave people to suffer whilst decisions are made about their futures behind closed doors?


Four Walls feed and clothe people whilst we negotiate with local governments on the best way to eradicate homelessness in their cities, towns and villages. Not only do Four Walls then implement those measures ourselves, but all our work is informed by and catered to those who sleep rough. We focus on their needs as individuals rather than the often-skewed statistics we’re told about the levels of rough sleepers in the UK.

In the charity's infancy, we are continuing our work from our hot food stalls on The Strand and our trolley service in from St Pancras to Oxford Circus with the intention of establishing more stalls across the capital on a weekly basis in the areas in the most need of the emergency, first response support. Of equal importance to us is our work with public, private and third sector partners to release and secure property for homelessness accommodation.

With this, we also intend to work with local and national government, policy makers, academics and regulators to adopt and implement innovative projects under the Four Walls name.